For the last little while we’ve been working on a new viewer for the site. It’s designed to be faster and work better on the variety of devices people use these days: desktops, phones, tablets.

The new viewer still has plenty of kinks, but we wanted to put it out there and let people start using it on their different systems and send us their feedback.

When you go to an image using your desktop or a laptop, you’ll see a blue banner at the top of the page with a button that says, “Try the new viewer.”

Try the new viewerOnce you’ve clicked that button you’ll be able use the new viewer throughout the site and give us your feedback by clicking the “Tell us what you think” link in the blue bar at the top of the viewer page.

Tell us what you think

You can always go back to the current viewer by clicking the “Return to standard viewer” link in the blue bar.

We hope you’ll take a few minutes to try the new viewer and send us your feedback. We’ll keep working to make it better.

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4 thoughts on “Coming Soon: A New Viewer

  1. I’ve had very poor results with the new view. In fact, using my desktop Mac I’ve not been able to get it to work using Foxfife, Chrome, or Safari.

    You’re not using the Obamacare website people for this are you?

    Seriously, I’m doing research and have not been able to access any pages since Sunday, Dec. 29.

  2. Tom, sorry to hear you are having trouble with the new viewer. We’ll try to contact you directly to get more information and see if we can figure out why you are having trouble.

  3. I’ve sent an email to the Help desk folks explaining that I cannot get the viewer to work, neither the old one or the new one. I tried the new one but found I prefer the old one because it was easier to Clip & Save an article and I indicated this in my email, and I went on to ask how to get back to the old viewer (since that link wasn’t working). Instead, the response I received included a link to the new viewer. Perhaps the responses are generated via an automated system that gleans keywords rather than by a person who reads them?

    1. The support folks do read the messages they get, but they may have misunderstood or sometimes they send that link because in some cases it can clear up the problem. I’ve passed your comment on to them, so you should hear from them again soon. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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