This quick summary of a “pen point” incident was found in a 1910 Los Angeles Herald. Wonder if he got out of taking the exam?

Boy swallows pen pointBoy swallows pen point Thu, Jun 2, 1910 – Page 2 · Los Angeles Herald (Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States of America) ·

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One thought on “Boy Swallows Pen Point

  1. This story reminds me of one my dad used to tell me about. When he was a young teenager in the early 1930’s, his family was living in a log cabin in northern Wisconsin. They were quite poor, but dad managed to get a used guitar. One morning after putting on new guitar strings, he decided to trim them. He decided that they were still too long and started trimming them another inch. One of the pieces flew when clipped. He looked for it but assumed that it fell into a floor board crack. He didn’t realize that it had landed in the pancake batter his mother had just made. As luck would have it, the guitar string came home. My dad swallowed it and it became lodged in his throat. His mom and dad took him to see the doctor who was in a town 20 miles away. There was no X-Ray available in the area. The doctor told my grandmother to make my dad drink lots of milk. The milk would coat it and it should pass in a few days. Luckily it did.

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