Bubble gum was not always the pink and perfect chewing experience that we know today. First invented in 1906 by a man named Frank Fleer, the original bubble gum was comically named “Blibber-Blubber.” And it had a few problems.

Blibber-Blubber, the original bubble gum

The texture resembled silly putty, and if you did decide to blow a bubble you might not want to be standing around anyone. The bubbles splattered when they burst. But Blibber-Blubber was the first formulation for what eventually became a very popular treat.

In 1928, Blibber-Blubber’s recipe was vastly improved by one of the Frank E. Fleer Company’s employees, Walter Diemer. He dyed it pink and called it Dubble Bubble.

Dubble Bubble

Dubble Bubble bubble

And just for kicks, here’s an article from 1976 that gives some tidbits on brand names, Dubble Bubble included:

Name Origins: Dubble Bubble, Noxzema, Babe Ruth, B.V.D.

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