Punchy headlines can be great at letting you know what’s up…sometimes quite literally. This particular battle not only involves a bald eagle, but a hot air balloon and the aeronaut within.

Battle with a Bald Eagle

Battle with a Bald Eagle Fri, Oct 9, 1891 – 2 · The San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California) · Newspapers.com

For a while the eagle circled around the balloon, while Cleveland watched. This all seems a bit tame so far, but don’t worry. It’s about to get much more intense.

The Battle

The Battle Fri, Oct 9, 1891 – 2 · The San Francisco Call (San Francisco, California) · Newspapers.com

A befuddled and exhausted Cleveland threw out his anchor and touched down on solid land. He walked along the nearby river until he found the bird—dead, as he suspected. Unfortunately for him, bald eagles are kind of a big deal in the United States and he was nearly fined for the crime of killing one. But, though the article doesn’t confirm, it seems likely that in this case the fine wasn’t enforced.

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One thought on “Bald Eagle, Balloon, Battle

  1. Many decades ago my Grandfather had accidentally caught a young bald eagle in a weasel trap. The bird had an injured leg or wing when my Grandfather found it. He brought it home with the intent to nurse it back to health. Two boys saw the eagle that was in my Grandfather’s yard and they decided to shoot it with a .22 rifle. When my Grandfather came home from from work, he was upset. He brought the bird to a local taxidermist. He gave that bird to my father after World War II. It hung on our living room wall for many years. I’m not sure what became of it after my dad passed away, but growing up I always held the eagle and its history in high esteem

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