Sometimes the newspapers can share the craziest stories—like this one, about a surgeon who had to remove his own appendix.

Leonid Rogozov

Dr. Leonid Rogozov had the unfortunate luck of experiencing acute appendicitis while on an Antarctic expedition. With no way to get to another station and no other doctors around to help him out, he found himself in the unbelievable position of having to operate on himself.

Dr. Rogozov removes his own appendix

Details of the surgery

The operation took about 2 hours, some Novocaine and ice as anesthetics, and the aid of a driver, a meteorologist, and a mirror. Within two weeks of the operation Rogozov was back on his feet and performing his usual duties.

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One thought on “Antarctic Surgery

  1. Reminds me of the young man, with his arm trapped between boulders, and facing death, cut his own arm off with a pocketknife, I believe it was. Life changing stuff.

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