Announcing Nearly 35 Million Pages of Canadian Newspapers!

We are pleased to announce the addition of millions of new pages of Canadian content to our archives. We have papers from Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan. We also have newspapers from Canada’s three territories, Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Nunavut.

Montreal Gazette French-English Bilingual Paper – 1785

The papers in this collection capture 244 years of fascinating Canadian history and chronicle a broad range of subjects, including people, politics, business, sports, and entertainment. This archive will allow researchers and historians to quickly search people, subjects, and events across the country and filter the results by date, location, and even by a specific newspaper. If you have ancestors from Canada, search obituaries and marriage announcements. These can potentially provide new insights and genealogical details previously unknown. In the coming months, watch for hints to appear in your Ancestry® trees as our machine-learning algorithms identify these marriage announcements and obituaries and generate hints.

The oldest paper in the collection is the La Gazette du commerce et littéraire, pour la ville et district de Montréal, Canada’s first French-language weekly paper. It was founded in 1778 after Benjamin Franklin encouraged Fleury Mesplet to start a paper to persuade Canadians to join the American Revolution. Later in 1785, Mesplet began publishing The Montreal Gazette, a French-English bilingual paper, and Canada’s oldest newspaper still in publication.

The papers in this collection contain reports on some of Canada’s important news stories, such as the Fenian Raids in the 1800s. During the raids, a secret society of Irish nationalists planned armed incursions in Canada. Their goal was to conquer Canada and exchange it with Great Britain for Irish independence.

You can also read about Canada’s first railroad, the Champlain and St. Lawrence Railroad, which opened in 1836 and ushered in an important era of transportation. By 1885, the last spike of the Canadian Pacific Railway was hammered in place in British Columbia, linking BC to Eastern Canada via a transcontinental railway.

News from the goldfield – Daily Klondike Nugget Jan. 16, 1898

In the late 1890s, some 100,000 prospectors rushed to the Yukon, seeking their fortunes in the Klondike Gold Rush. Soon, several newspapers, including The Daily Klondike Nugget and the Dawson Daily News began reporting on news from the goldfields.

The ports in Canada played an important part in the journey of many immigrants. Halifax was a landing place for many immigrant ships, and papers like The Evening Mail or The Halifax Herald can provide news about ships and passengers.

Our Canadian collection of papers chronicles the establishment and growth of many outposts, towns, and cities in Canada. Start searching our Canadian papers today on™.

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18 thoughts on “Announcing Nearly 35 Million Pages of Canadian Newspapers!

  1. As someone that had a grandmother from Canada I welcome the added Canadian newspaper content Keep them coming.

  2. My thanks, too, as someone who has several ancestors from Canada. I wish your list included New Brunswick papers, and hope to see some (Fredericton?) in the future.

      1. Still no annual price and confusing in regard to 6 months plan, Check it out yourself

        1. Hi Paule … I have had a subscription for over 4 years and yes it is every 6 months but no problem you just pay twice a year…it comes out automatically, they are safe. And I am Canadian so I am glad for new Canadian content anytime. This is a great program, easy searches and clipping with citations. I would recommend it to everyone, as a senior I find it so valuable in my hunt for ancestors…

  3. Oops…you’re right, Judy.
    I eventually found the NB pages (258 from 1992, St. John) & (10,450 from 2013-14, en francais). It’s a start.

    1. Stan, if you get a on line subscription to a NB paper you will also gain access to the provincial Newspaper archives. The papers go back to 1890 or so. Look up The Telegraph Journal… its the Saint John paper. I can’t remember the name of the Frederiction one lol.

    1. I second that question/request. Would love to see newspapers from London, ON.

  4. How come there are no newspapers from Newfoundland (Evening Telegram, Daily News, etc.) or PEI in your list? The Telegram goes back over 100 years!

  5. I wish you could reach out to Lambton County Ontario the archives has over 600 microfilms on old newspapers the Sarnia Observer from 1858 to 2004 old little town where only a few years in the 1800s or early 1900s need to be scanned many people when back in the USA as a board town

  6. Glad to see more comprehensive coverage of Canada. The content gaps that previously existed for the Maritime provinces and the territories are starting to be filled-in. Great! I am hoping to see even more Maritime newspapers added in future. Other important Canadian content gaps for future consideration: Toronto and greater Toronto area, Quebec City, and Newfoundland. Keep up the great work!

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