Have you ever waited for a street car with thirteen moving boxes and a suitcase? Neither did this guy, but he certainly tried to make police think otherwise.

Robber's story: he was Robber’s story: he was “waiting for a street car” Fri, Feb 4, 1949 – Page 2 · Portland Press Herald (Portland, Cumberland, Maine) · Newspapers.com

Could his name be any more perfect? Imagine police opening Mr. Jewel Case’s boxes only to find…jewels!

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One thought on “How Not to Fool the Police

  1. What a fun job you have! I always loved being able to just browse the news of yesteryear. So many stories of odd occurrences and strange circumstances. This was a perfect example of a name fitting the story. “But officer, I thought that jewels always belonged in a Jewel Case!” “Not in your case, Jewel! ” Case closed.

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