Today is Earth Day, an environmentally-conscious, annual event that focuses on the state of our planet in the face of human pollution. The first officially celebrated earth day was in 1970, and many throughout the United States joined in with fervor. Here are some clippings from articles about the first Earth Day:

Earth Day
Earth Day has one goal

Earth Day Posters
Gas Masks on Earth Day

Many in the early years of Earth Day celebrated with peaceful demonstrations, often wearing gas masks (as in the picture above) as a foreboding warning against the slow poisoning of the planet. Today, Earth Day is generally recognized with activities like cleanup drives, tree planting, and demonstrations on recycling and composting.

Though Earth Day was originally started in the U.S., it became internationally recognized within a few years. This change-promoting day of awareness is now celebrated by over a billion people worldwide in nearly 200 different countries.

For general articles on Earth Day, take a look at this search. For articles from the first Earth Day in 1970, here’s a search specifically tied to that year. Be sure to look for other articles about family or events that interest you on


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