It’s time to jump into a new year, but before we do, let’s take a moment to reflect on all we’ve accomplished together in 2021. Our customers are among the most dedicated and passionate around! Your love of history is evident in the nearly 25 million clippings you created in 2021. Your support helps us to continue to grow and improve the world’s largest online newspaper archive. Despite another challenging year worldwide, we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished together. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Added 66 million new pages of content
  • Our archive now contains 700 million pages of newspapers, dating back to the 1690s.
  • Added nearly 2,000 new newspaper titles
  • Updated more than 3,400 newspapers with new content
  • Added nearly 14 million obituaries and 3.5 million marriage indexed records

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Died                                                                                         The Lidice Massacre


We are honored to be your go-to destination for family history research, historical research, true crime investigations, journalism, and entertainment. Each day we work with publishers and institutions to add new papers to our archive. We love your feedback. If you have suggestions, technical issues, or just wish we’d add your favorite paper, let us know here. We research each request for papers and do our best to fulfill them, but you can help us speed up the process by checking with the publisher or local library to see if microfilmed copies of your desired paper exist.

What’s In Store for 2022?

We have exciting things coming and can’t wait to get started. Here’s a peek behind the curtain to see what’s coming in 2022:

  • New U.S. Newspapers
  • New papers from Canada and the UK
  • Updated User Experience with a new search and a new homepage

We promise to keep working hard to bring new content and a better user experience, so your subscription will continue to increase in value. Search™ today to make 2022 a year full of personal discoveries!

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40 thoughts on “2021 Year in Review!

  1. I made this comment last year. Maybe this year it will be heard. Please separate “new and updated” into (1) new titles; (2) papers updated by filling in back issues; (3) papers updated by adding editions published in recent months. Because the “new and updated” list as currently presented is completely dominated by category 3, which is the least useful category to historical research

      1. Yes, I want to see new newspapers listed separate too. Wading through updates is no help to me.

    1. This site is ran by AI now. Good luck. You’re more likely to get Google to revive it’s news archive project they abandoned!

  2. Newspapers I would love to have added are St. Charles, Missouri newspapers such as:
    St. Charles Cosmos
    St. Charles Banner News
    St. Charles Post.
    I know the library has these or at least two of these available for viewing but trying to use those machines is cumbersome and not convenient for someone who wants to view from home. You do such a nice job!

    1. Jeanne, Our content team follows these comments and we do our best to get the papers our customers are asking for. I’ll make sure they see your requests.

      1. Would love to see the Springs Valley Herald and Paoli News added from Orange County, Indiana

  3. This is great for people with later questions than in 1904. I was not able to find any information and I would like to cancel my 7 free days. Thank you for trying!

  4. Would love to see the Canadian “Sun” newspapers added:
    -.Edmonton Sun
    – Calgary Sun
    – Winnipeg Sun

    1. We’d love to add those papers too! We currently have 14 Edmonton papers, 13 Calgary papers, and 23 Winnipeg papers.

      1. It’s definitely been noticed. I was pretty thrilled when the Edmonton Bulletin was added, but the Sun covers so much from 1978 on. The University of Alberta Gateway would be great to be added and indexed as well, as long as I’m wishing!

  5. Is there any chance of searching for “Ballymena Observer”. Due to the problems with Irish genealogy this paper would be a fantastic aid those people searching in Northern Ireland.

    1. Frank, some of our team members have Irish ancestry (like me!) and would love to see more Irish content. We’re working on it!

      1. I live in Dublin. I’ll fill you in on anything you need to know. The best bit is Connaught is through to the final round in rugby. My grandfather played rugby in France in 1920.

  6. I have wondered how you chose what content to add to the website. My guess it is what available through microfilm. I hope that you will consider adding more Kentucky content. The University of Kentucky has a microfilm record of nearly all surviving papers for the State of Kentucky. And, since their own digitalization efforts seem to have collapsed they might work close with your company to digitize their collection.

  7. Lewiston, Maine from especially from atleast 1875 to 1920 also missing for the Bangor Daily News month of October 1908

    1. I’ll pass this along – and try to figure out why a single month is missing from the Bangor Daily News (sometimes it’s because it was destroyed).

  8. Would like the following newspapers added :
    McKeesport Daily News located outside of Pittsburgh and back issues are available at the McKeesport Heritage Center

    The Daily Messenger; Homestead, PA outside of Pittsburgh.
    Both of these newspaper have of long history of the Steel Industry and immigrants working in the mill. Some of the greatest sports legends are from these towns.


  9. The Enterprise was Kansas City’s (MO) first newspaper of note, published between 1854 and 1858, when it became Kansas City Daily Western Journal of Commerce. Later, various incarnations of the Journal are digitized and available from 1865 on. The Missouri State Historical Society has the Enterprise microfilm, but has no present plans to digitize it. Please ask your content team to look into publishing the Enterprise. Thank you!

  10. Your archives have been invaluable for our work with the Society for American Baseball Research — thank you for being such a great resource! We’d love to see newspapers from Houston, Cleveland, and Seattle on the site!

    1. Love hearing stories like this and the many ways is used for historical research. Thanks for sharing and I’ll pass your content requests along to the content team.

  11. Please consider adding more newspapers from Pennsylvania’s capital city of Harrisburg. These are important because they cover state government and statewide news, not just local news. The current offerings end at March 31, 1949, and completely exclude the morning paper of record, The Patriot.

    Please consider adding The Patriot from the 19th century forward, and The Evening News and Sunday Patriot-News from 1949 forward.

  12. I would love to see the Scottdale, Pennsylvania newspapers online. The one that comes to mind, is the Scottdale Independent.

  13. Would love to see more Ontario newspapers like London Ontario, Leeds and Hamilton. Thanks for the concideration

    1. I believe they started too then stopped for whatever reason. Somebody went to go to the Kratum store and got high perhaps? Kratum is so serious some nations banned it and used heroin to treat it!

      The dangers of Kratum are very real and not well known and sad thing is it’s legal for young people to get it and spike it in parties without consent.

  14. Would love to see the newspapers for Pontotoc County, Mississippi added. They have microfilm going back to the 1800s.

    Thank you,

  15. I’d like to second the suggestion about adding more papers from Detroit, and request more from Salt Lake.

  16. This website is an invaluable resource and I loved all the new additions in 2021. Here are some ideas for papers to add:

    Thunder Bay, Ontario – I would be very interested in the Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal, Fort William Times Journal, and the Port Arthur News, going back to the 1800s. These newspapers are available on microfilm at the Thunder Bay Public Library ( and the Lakehead University Library. I think Thunder Bay would be a tremendous addition to the website, and would be enjoyed by many.

    Nova Scotia – The additions of the Halifax Herald from 1880-1905 and the Halifax Evening Mail from 1894-1931 were fantastic, but I would love to see the coverage expand beyond 1931, as there is nothing until 2007. I’d also be interested in more papers from the 1800s, such as the Acadian Recorder, Halifax British Colonist, Halifax Chronicle, Halifax Citizen, and the Halifax Daily Echo. I would also love to see some rural Nova Scotia papers, such as the Hants Journal in Windsor and the Eastern Chronicle in New Glasgow. The Herald and Evening Mail are on microfilm at the Halifax Public Library. The other papers are all microfilmed at the Nova Scotia Archives ( Dalhousie University, the University of New Brunswick, and Mt. Allison University libraries also have many papers on microfilm. Nova Scotia newspapers are the hardest to find in any of the 10 provinces, so I think this would be a great area to expand upon further.

    Thank you for all that you do and I look forward to the continued growth of the archives in 2022.

  17. Thanks for all your paper suggestions! I have forwarded them all to our content team and we’ll do our best to track them down.

    1. Thank you, I hope you are able to add these. I’ve since come across a couple more papers that I also think would be worth adding.

      Timmins, Ontario – The Timmins Daily Press would be an excellent addition. This paper is on microfilm at the Timmins Public Library (

      Sydney, Nova Scotia – The Cape Breton Post going back to 1901 is on microfilm at the Cape Breton Regional Library ( The Nova Scotia Archives also have it.

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