2017 in Review: Over 1,300 Papers Added!

Newspapers.com 2017 Year in Review

Happy 2018! We hope you had a meaningful and productive 2017. We certainly did! Here at Newspapers.com, we are always working hard to add new papers to our offerings, and 2017 was no different. In fact, in 2017, we added 1,376 new titles! With an average of 9,203,918 pages added per month, Newspapers.com added 110,447,021 pages’ worth of new content last year! All these new titles mean that Newpapers.com now offers more than 6,000 newspapers!

The papers we added in 2017 came from 41 different states, plus Washington D.C., the UK, and Canada. For some states, we were able to add a truly impressive number of new titles. These included:

  • Alabama: 265 new titles
  • Arkansas: 151 new titles
  • Kansas: 187 new titles
  • Mississippi: 126 new titles
  • Utah: 91 new titles

But looking at which states had the most new titles added doesn’t give the whole picture. Other states had an enormous number of pages added to their collections. The top include:

  • Florida: 11,579,543 new pages
  • Indiana: 3,830,015 new pages
  • New York: 2,047,831 new pages
  • Pennsylvania: 4,827,196 new pages
  • Utah: 1,174,417 new pages

Now that Newspapers.com has more than 339 million total pages of newspaper content, the odds of finding the ancestor or information you’re looking for are better than ever! So if it’s been a while since you’ve last looked around our site, now is the perfect time to come back and explore again.

We hope you find what—or who—you’re looking for! And here’s to an even better 2018!

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3 thoughts on “2017 in Review: Over 1,300 Papers Added!

  1. Nice, now how about beefing up an advanced search?

    For the great service this is, the search parameters are very basic.

  2. I did a trial membership. Even after cancelling it, I was charged for a full year. Even though I paid, I can’t access anything and they have no record of my transaction or an account. Thanks a million ancestry.

  3. Agreed – we need better search capability. Even LOC’s Chronicling America allows “near” searches. We absolutely need the ability to search using dates content was added. Failing that, we need better visibility as to what content was added when so that we can fine tune searches to avoid pulling data we’ve already examined. I love that you’re adding more and more pages to my favorite papers, but you make it really hard when you don’t provide better search capability or better information on when you added content and what dates that content covered.

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