In this story found across multiple papers in the early 1920s, 101 year old Janet Newbury shares the vanities, life experiences, and pastry perks that come with age.

Oldest Nurse, 101, Waiting To Become

Oldest Nurse, 101, Waiting To Become “More Mature” Tue, Oct 30, 1923 – Page 9 · Green Bay Press-Gazette (Green Bay, Wisconsin) ·

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One thought on “101 Years Young

  1. I remember when I was in the 7th grade when I became interested in reading our daily news paper. I wasn’t interested in the sports pages like one would think. I liked Ann Landers, some of the cartoons, and most importantly the obituaries. I found that they told the stories of not just the person who had passed, but also history. I remember reading about veterans from the Spanish/American war, the local area pioneers, and the circumstances of their lives. I’m glad I learned so much from a $0.10 newspaper. Everyday I would come home from school and practice being a future man. I’d grab the newspaper and head to the throne room to read in peace and solitude. Stories like this dear woman’s was a true glimpse of what life was once like in her time. Thank you for sharing.

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